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Edited, Mon May 8 I understand your frustrations as hunters being screwed out of a very nice, primary weapon for you. Don't get me wrong, there are some really annoying players out there and alot of them play rogues but not all of them are bad. Ephesus Ancient Bow. Utgard Ancient Bow. Comment by Allakhazam Found this bow in like 1hr after maintenance after new patch ended. Me and her then made a Scholo grp and got a rogue. Briser Ancient Bow. Hurricane looks like a level 1 bow in comparison!

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This Bow dropped for me my first time IN scholo i was accompanied by all 60s in a man pug lol. Comment by Allakhazam Every time this bow drops and the winner equips it, the entire raid wishes they'd rolled just because it looks awesome. And as a quick and slightly bitter aside

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I got one eventually only because when I passed the hunter in our group said he had a better bow and the group all decided to let me have it. Comment by Thottbot 60 rouge here and though i want this wicked bow, it looks soo badass and agility is a rouges major stat, it droped today and a hunter was in group I have a 60 rogue that is VERY easy to be, imo it's easier than a hunter.

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Comment by Allakhazam LOL, I did scholo yesterday, and the bow dropped 2 times at the same run, me and the other rogue was quite happy. It dropped from the Instructor on my first run. First time i lost the roll to a warrior! Good hunting!

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Comment by Allakhazam I was in Scholo for my first time yesterday. Philos Ancient Bow. Genesis Ancient Bow. Sign In Don't have an account? I just thought it would be interesting to let you know. This bow is even better as a hunter. Comment by Thottbot I have been thru scholo like a million times and havent gotten it. For hunters, every 1 agi is 2 attack power. This weapon can only be obtained after Link has activated the Ancient Furnace, at which point he should speak with Cherry , the robot, to trade 1, Rupees , 10 Ancient Gears , 15 Ancient Springs , and 1 Giant Ancient Core for the bow. Check out our handy guide!

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Hyrule Compendium Attack Rating: Page Tools. This Ancient bow botw is the result of Robbie's research. Ancient Ancienf technology affords it heightened functionality. Arrows Ancient bow botw from it travel in a Ancient bow botw straight line. Akkala Ancient Bootw Lab Loading. Was this guide helpful. YES NO. Ancient bow botw This Wiki Guide. Developer Nintendo. Release Date March 3, Platforms Wii U, Nintendo Switch.

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As a lvl 56 hunter i'd pass on this since huricane is better. Edited, Sat Nov 19 Comment by Allakhazam I cant get over how many arguments there are that hunters and druids need this and that, oh and that as well rlmao, get over it other players want stuff too and if your in a pickup group then may god be with you because no one else will be. We debated if the game would allow me to drop out, raid get another Hunter in the group, let him get to the instance and summon him to the group.

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A Prot spec warrior and a rogue, and they were kicked out of the group that instant by the leaders. Comment by Allakhazam 1st scholo run, no hunters.. I was forutnate to get my shadowcraft cap I am a Rogue. It's one of rare bows who have a very beatifull skin.

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