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She looked quite stressed and upset, but put some boxes over the door and tried to sleep again. Miki also stated that Kurumi is the one who she'll look for whenever she needs help, and she also helps Kurumi in combat situations sometimes. They then went to a fitting room, where they hid. After Yuuri and Kurumi fought the zombies, Yuki took Miki's hands. Retrieved January 5, When Miki informs that they should go, Miki addresses Yuki as "senpai", much to her happiness. July 12, [7]. However, as she heard someone shout "Kurumi-chan! Namespaces Article Talk. Though she is very calm, mature and can handle different situations well, she can be very emotional in various situations; in either a joyful one as she cried when she and the other graduated or a stressful one.

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I just find it wierd because Miki is alot closer to Yuki than Kurumi. As she looks out from the window, she sees a bird flying, much to much her surprise. It aired from January 11 [4] [5] to March 29, You can help us by expanding it!

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Rii-san was curious and had asked Kurumi what was written in the diary. Miki also said that she was uneasy in the situation she was in, but her seniors; Yuki, Kurumi, and Yuuri lent her a hand and welcomed her into their club, which made her gain confidence in herself, trust her own abilities and have the strength to face any trouble, which is why, she was no longer afraid. One day, after school, Miki went to the mall with Kei, since they got off school early and it was too beautiful a day to just go home. He likes to help Sora with chores when he can.

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Miki and Kei then proceeded to run into a shelter room, which no one had made it yet. Miki stated that it took a while for them to understand what was happening. You can help by adding to it. MegaApple Pi.

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Start a Wiki. Start a Wiki. Kei Shidou. Voice Actors. This is shown when Kurumi got infected, Miki was the who went to the basement all alone to get the medicine that could cure Kurumi, so this shows that Miki cares for Kurumi and her well-being very much. This article has multiple issues. February 12, [6].

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Originally posted by itadakimasu-letmeeat. Mii kun in Sign up. Miira no kaikata ep8 The babies get dropped off at a daycare centre shrine. How to Keep a Mummy mii kun Isao conny mukumuku anime anime gif ukn yokai anime kawaii kawaii. Mii kun no Kaikata How to keep a mummy Mii kun kun Aayan. Random Kuun word of the day 2. Look how happy Mii-kun is. Day 28 Mii-Kun. T such a beautiful ending. Mii kun Inktober day 1.

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When Kurumi thought Miki looked down, she cheered her up, and when Miki said how she was unsure to greet Ruu, Kurumi gave her a bit of advice, [17] referring to the time where Miki said the Kurumi is the one she goes to for advice and help. Crunchyroll Worldwide rights outside of Asia [2]. September 1, They then felt something coming towards them, so they prepared themselves, but it turned out to be little puppy Taromaru.

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From this, she tries to cover her ears to essentially mute the sounds of the zombies. Thereafter, they introduce each other, and when Miki mentions that she is in grade two, Yuki states that she is her senpai upperclassman. Miki also doesn't want her to leave her as she is very important to her, to which Kurumi said she wouldn't, as Miki is her " precious junior ".

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