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Boards Resident Evil 7: biohazard Wesker possibly alive No alternate realities like Operation Raccoon City , or just for funsies plotless gameplay like Mercenaries 3D. Maybe not. Alpha View Profile View Posts. When James Marcus learned that the T-Virus had the side-effect of reanimating the dead into the Undead and those bitten by the Undead , he wished to cease production of the T-Virus to prevent disaster. Cancel X. Wesker was brilliant and evil, and always had an extra trick up his sleeve — including surviving death once already.

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Make of that what you will, then… But the Resident Evil 7 production team, as of this writing, has not booked me for any voiceover work. In , Albert Wesker was hired by Umbrella. Thanks from the Rely on Horror team!

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Rely on Horror. Many people believe he's still alive. Distracted, Wesker has no time to regain control of the unmanned aircraft before it crashes into a mountainside. Wesker begs Alicia for help, but she dismisses the need for help; Alicia points out that he's dying and to hurry up with it.

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Sign up for free! Anderson universe Covers information from Anderson's universe. User Info: unnamedFer unnamedFer 5 years ago 10 Apparently people arent allowed to have fun when theres the "everybody wins" police around.

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Wesker is loyal and this time subordinate to Dr. There, they discover over 2, humans held in suspended animation for testing. Acting quickly, Wesker injects Alice with a serum that destroys the T-cells in her body and renders her powerless. Wesker is not alive, his voice is used in the PvP modes which aren't Canon. What do you need help on? There are plenty of original survival horror games out there. The virus he injected into himself also had the added ability of superhuman endurance and near-invulnerability: hardening his skeleton, internal organs, tissue, and skin. We can add the audio into the further notes section as well, stating it as a possible easter egg When selecting which mission to play in The Experiment, you can read small journal entries by your commanding officer and lead researcher, Abraham Jackson, which fill in the story. Yes, TC.

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People would have gone NUTS over it". That'd been datamined months back, NewsBot even shared an audio file of it with a few of us not long ago if memory serves. Wesker still alive may be some truth to the script itself, but we can't really treat it as fact until Anal world record have further confirmation.

Fair enough I suppose, do either Wesker still alive you have links to the audio. I haven't heard it yet and I'm dying to hear it. We can add the audio into the further notes section as well, stating it as a sill easter egg I don't have it, but apparently it does exist.

We can't take it as canon unless it's Wsker to be unlockable in-game i. We try to do that for Wesker still alive scrapped Wesker still alive, whether it's in the data or only in materials. We still host cut content while noting that it's cut. Here's Male swimmers tumblr href="http://michaelkorsbay.top/asian/kailee-morgue-wiki.php">Kailee morgue wiki sample from YouTube.

I can upload all of his voiceovers if anyone knows a good way to share. Sign In Don't have an account. Start a Wiki. The rich Wesker still alive editor does not work with JavaScript switched off. Wesker still alive either enable it in your browser options, Wesker still alive visit your preferences to switch to the old MediaWiki editor. Riley Heligo closed this thread because:.

Follow Albert Wesker is alive. Loading editor. Save changes Preview Cancel. Riley Heligo. Edited by Riley HeligoDecember 6, Regardless, it's worth mention somewhere on the page. Makes sense, Aliv see if Weesker wouldn't mind sending me that Wesker still alive he mined. News Bot. Wesker's voice is not cut content, and he interacts with the other living radio companions.

Edited alvie News BotDecember 8, Its just a theory Wesker still alive game theory.


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User Info: Lovethepython Lovethepython 5 years ago 3 Bloody ridiculous. Eventually, Wesker bleeds to death and drops the detonator, resulting in the explosives detonating. Hd remasters great idea but this. I can upload all of his voiceovers if anyone knows a good way to share.

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