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She also holds the Paralyzer in a black holster on her right leg. She has some pretty hurty-looking equipment. Does she flush out the traitor or kill the main villain? See, men are allowed to show emotion in stories. Thank you again for writing this. And unfortunately for everyone, the new direction stuck. Jamison Banned via Warnings Aug 10,

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In Other M , Samus will fall to the ground, her suit disappearing when she hits ground. Live Cam Models - Online Now. Please spread this article to other media outlets.

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Thank you for saying and explaining what needs to be said. The trademark thumbs-up prior to Other M completely subverting its meaning also spoke to some degree of cockiness. Samus Aran is wearing heels in the new Super Smash Bros screenshots.

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Samus was a mother to the infant metroid. Hi TeaLeaf! Able to grieve over the death of the last Metroid, but also blast the hell out of Mother Brain in the next moment. Use Smashboards links to get your gaming stuff and support the site, Super Smash Bros.

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Or his underwear? And woman are not sex objects… Jeez you must have one twisted mind. In Super Smash Bros. The Jet Boots are worn over the boots on the otherwise identical Zero Suit from Metroid: Other M , which controversially featured Samus in larger, clunky heels. When the player can see that she is female, she is ineffectual at best. Fact: no girls are. Balance comes before canon, obviously. As Korval points out , Other M also totally rewrites the ending of Metroid II by changing the entire dynamic of Samus and the infant metroid. I must be a loser for wanting to respond to an article written a solid 3 and a half years ago.

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Samus: Samus aran high heels I work, everyone is short. But what should I do. The reason why Samus wears high heels is not because she wants to look feminine. High-Jump Stripper Boots. Arwn is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List Lais navarro. Daisy: Get higher heels.

Samus: Hm. Daisy: Heeels hm. She is not a magical witch demi-goddess that defies physics. She is mortal. She would break an ankle. I hope she does or like going ti fancy occasions. No Samus aran high heels human person would. Metroid samus smash super smash bros heelies.

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She was courageous, without a doubt. Balance comes before canon, obviously. With no one else to hold him back or tell him no, he was free to turn Samus into whatever he wanted. The only way to truly represent ZSS's "weakness" outside of her suit would be to not represent her at all.

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In the cutscene preceding the battle with Ridley , he grabs Samus and scrapes her against the wall, her suit deteriorating. Samus never really cared about the infant metroid in the first place. If you jump into Fusion after playing the preceding games, you feel the claustrophobic nature of the levels. How long can you watch this without cringing?

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