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Sign In Don't have an account? After a while it turns out that Dorian has not lost consciousness yet and Doppo intends to challenge the convict to a duel, but then Katsumi interrupts him, saying that he brought Kiyosumi Katou with him. Voice Actors. Start a Wiki. As a sign of respect, Pickle walks away and does not eat Katsumi, allowing him to be carried out on a stretcher. He is also too urgent to fight powerful foes, exposing himself to unpleasant situations. Baki add Supporting.

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Dorian proceeds to surprise attack Katsumi, eventually using Katsumi's own Karate belt to choke him. One day he was forbidden to take part in the Kaioh title test. Retsu tells him that Katsumi supposedly considers his karate to be a perfect fighting style.

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Katsumi arranges for Doyle to leave the country and teaches him some Shinshinkai Karate techniques. Sign In Don't have an account? Retsu was impressed that Katsumi could take even one of his punches and still get up but still took great delight in humiliating the"Ace of Shinshinkai" however after Retsu is nearly killed but humbled after his fight with Baki it appears that Retsu strikes a friendship with the young karateka and holds a few demonstration workshops at the Shinshinkai Dojo teaching the students techniques from Kung Fu. Retsu was impressed that Katsumi could take one of his punches.

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When Katsumi later hears about the defeat of Retsu Kaioh at the hands of Pickle, he tells his father that he is going to be the one to take Pickle down. Forgot account? A 3rd dan, Doppo's son and current prodigy of Shinshinkai karate, at times Katsumi is seen to be extremely arrogant given his immense confidence in his own skills.

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As a sign of respect, Pickle walks away and does not eat Katsumi, allowing him to be carried out on a stretcher. During his training days he was called Shaoron Retsu. Despite his great knowledge in his style, he did not open his mind to the possibility of learning from other disciplines at first, but after striking up a friendship with Katsumi Orochi post tournament he appeared to want to teach as well as learn at the Shinshinkai Dojo. He also defeated Kaoru Hanayama with his Mach Punch. He accosts Katsumi Orochi in the locker room and wants him to admit that karate is a weaker fighting style than Chinese Kempo. After leaving the arena, Retsu tries to challenge Dorian again, but is overtakes by Doppo who attacks the convict by surprise, and the Chinese fighter just watches their battle. Katsumi's next opponent is the young yakuza leader Kaoru Hanayama , whom Katsumi had an altercation with previously in the warm-up room. Katsumi is seen later as Dorian is lured into an amusement park to fight the Shinshinkai Karate School in retaliation for nearly killing Kiyosumi Katou.

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Edit Character Information. roochi Remove from Favorites Add to Ktsumi. Details Katsjmi Katsumi orochi. Katsumi Orochi. Remove Katsumi orochi Favorites Add to Lisa kudrow bra size Animeography. Melyssa ford naked Baki: Saidai Tournament-hen add Supporting.

Baki add Supporting. Baki: New Grappler Baki add Supporting. Katsumi orochi Baki add Supporting. Grappler Baki add Supporting. Baki-dou add Kafsumi.

In round 3 he loses miserably to Retsu Kaiou getting knocked out in 1 punch. Retsu was impressed that Katsumi could take one of his punches. A rematch orochk the Katsumi orochi of Our Strongest Hero' series is interrupted when the convict Dorian comes krochi the Shinshinkai building and attacks Katsumi. Katsumi also later trains the convict Doyle in Shinshinkai Karate. In the anime it is revealed that Doppo is Katsumi orochi Katsumi's adoptive father.

The final moments of the anime Heigl nude him Katsmui up at Doppo's home. He has a fight with Pickle which Katsumi orochi loses despite his new Mach Punch technique, and as a result he got his right arm torn off and several limbs broken.

roochi He is seen in hospital recovering from his wounds Katsumi orochi after. Voice Actors. Fujiwara, Keiji Japanese. Kawahara, Yoshihisa Japanese. Sakuya, Shunsuke Japanese.


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Maybe that's why he started being held in a cell, but it was never said directly. Retsu is also very good at using weapons. However, Retsu also explains to Katsumi that his karate is incomplete and that he would never have had a chance against the Chinese Kempo.

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He managed to withstand the pain after his fist and leg being mangled by the sound barrier from using the Mach Punch and stayed conscious after using his Hitless blow that tore all the tendons in his arm, skin and left only the bones. He is seen in hospital recovering from his wounds shortly after. Katsumi refuses and makes it clear that it has to be Karate that is used to defeat Pickle.

Are Katsumi and Retsu back?

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