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Andrew mccutchen images. Andrew McCutchen

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MLB trade rumors: Yankees acquire Andrew McCutchen | Metro US

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In October of ussportshistory. The Pirates — a franchise that has been among the the leaders in embracing diversity within Major League Baseball, fielding the first all-minority starting lineup in — decided to purge local African-American history from PNC Park. Former Pirates owner and CEO Kevin McClatchy was a huge fan of acknowledging the contributions of Black Knights who not only fought the pitcher to get hits, but battled a vicious form of segregation that kept them off the field and relegated them to second-class citizen status. In , McClatchey supported the creation of a permanent exhibit space in Legacy Square. Legacy Square celebrated the history of the Grays and Crawfords, both of whom played in the Pittsburgh area. Said McClatchy at the exhibits opening: This exhibit inspires, educates and emotionally connects people of all ages tothe remarkable story of the Negro leagues. Well, PNC Park just got a lot better.