Clt images. Charlotte Douglas CLT Airport Terminal Map

Clt images. Charlotte Douglas International Airport

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CLT - Wood products | Stora Enso

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Across the world, CLT is making its mark as the innovative engineered wood product of the future. It has been successfully used in solutions for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Cross-laminated timber CLT by Stora Enso is a massive wood construction product consisting of at least three single-layer panels that are bonded together crosswise. We use only environmentally-friendly adhesives to press them into structural panels of exceptional dimensional stability and rigidity. CLT is available in different panel thicknesses depending on your structural requirements. We currently offer dimensions up to 2. Lightweight yet strong, with superior acoustic, fire, seismic, and thermal performance, CLT is currently being used in place of concrete, masonry and steel in the construction of residential, industrial and commercial buildings.