Ex girlfriend moved on signs. 10 Signs my ex is over me for good - How to know if your ex is over you?

Ex girlfriend moved on signs. It’s Really Over: The Top 8 Signs Your Ex Has Moved On

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10 Signs or Clues That Your Ex Girlfriend Is Missing You

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A great relationship can be very interesting, full of fun and it definitely takes you to a different world entirely. But what happens when this great and perfect relationship begins to crumble, what happens when he does not call you for two days and he is not bothered and does not show any remorse whatsoever. You have started noticing some strange signs you are not sure of and actions that you are not comfortable with. It is probably the time to start listing the signs you should watch out for that tells you your boyfriend has moved on and you should also move on with your life. It is so not okay for a guy to not call, text or messages his girlfriend after a long time like say 1 week.