Pond fish types images. 9 Fish for an Outdoor Pond

Pond fish types images. 60 Backyard Pond Ideas (Photos)

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20 Best Koi & pond fish images in | Fish, Fish Ponds, Koi Ponds

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In addition, some fish may get along well with others, and other species may be confrontational or simply enjoy eating fish that are smaller than them. Originally domesticated from the Asian carp in China over 1, years ago, goldfish vary somewhat in coloration and a fair amount in size depending on the species — some may only grow to a couple inches long by adulthood, while other species can grow up to a foot. This means you can easily choose whichever species best suits the size of your pond. Fancies come in many varieties, and are often sought out for their varied, unique appearances that can really add a distinct, exotic flair to any pond. In addition, they each have different temperaments, so further research will be needed before you choose a variety.