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After Sony Consumer Electronics' acknowledgment that its new "NightShot"-equipped Handycams can reveal what's under people's clothing, retailers around the country have been deluged with calls from consumers trying to snap up the camcorders before their "disabled" replacements begin arriving on store shelves later this month. So we're happy. People expecting a Superman X-ray vision type of experience with the cameras may not be so happy with what they see when they get their Handycams out of the box. The NightShot cameras work by emitting infrared light from two LEDs on the front of the camera; the infrared light is reflected back to the camera lens and picked up by a Charge Coupled Device CCD that's similar to those found in all video cameras. In normal light, however, the NightShot feature basically enhances available light, making it ostensibly capable of seeing through thin clothing when used with an inexpensive infrared black filter. The NightShot technology has been available since March, and about , cameras equipped with the feature had been sold worldwide by the end of June, according to Reuters.